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About Us

IMAC Electronic Solutions is an iButton Authorised Solutions Developer for Dallas Semiconductor with 20 years experience working with the technology and servicing customers. We only supply Original Dallas manufactured iButtons and our customers can rest assured of their Authenticity and Database controlled Unique ID.

The reference is particularly important in the context of a number of companies/resellers trading in iButtons and supplying Chinese copies where the ID and Quality is not under the Control of Dallas Semiconductor. The prime functionality of the iButton is it’s Unique ID and naturally for product manufactured by companies other than Dallas, breaks the Security aspect of a controlled Database.

All Dallas Semiconductor iButtons have a part number prefix of “DS” with an example being DS1990A-F5. A number of questionable suppliers market their product as (say) DS1990A-F5 but reference an equivalent having a prefix of “TM” and supply a part being (say) TM1990A-F5. Likewise if any supplier markets the product without any prefix (should be a “DS” prefix), and this is common, please be on your guard as this is the first sign you will not be receiving a part guaranteed to have a unique ID and of authenticated quality.

Please note any iButton prefix of “TM” is a COPY and is not under the control or quality scrutiny of Dallas Semiconductor. Particular attention should be given to the assembly of the iButton and Plastic FOB referenced as “The Dallas Key” as they are being supplied using the copy iButton with the same negative connotations. If the iButton in the Dallas Key has a prefix of “TM” it’s not a Dallas Semiconductor part.

We specialise in the manufacture and supply of Dallas Keys both Magnetic and Non-Magnetic addressing the markets of EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale), Vehicle Driver Identification and Temperature Sensing.

We have a number of bespoke designed products aligned to the iButton 1Wire Technology which along with our experience differentiates us in the market place.

By using a copied product the integrity of the number sequence is broken.

Our Business objective is to present a technically competent understanding of our products and focused markets linked with the highest level of Customer Service.

Our Web Site layout has been designed to take you, our customer, to your product of interest with the minimum amount of clicks and time. If you participate in one of the three focused End Equipments (EPOS, Vehicle ID or Temperature Sensing), just highlight the market Icon in the home page and it will take you to our complete product offering within that Sector. If your interest is general in nature just hit the iButton and Accessories Icon and select from the Product category offering.

We are happy to assist if you have any questions relating to our offering of iButton products and feel free to make contact.