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iButton® is the Patented Design and Registered Trade Mark of Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim characterised by each and every single device having a Unique Identification Number housed in a 16mm Stainless Steel Hermetically Sealed Can. The Device talks to/interfaces with a Application Specific Controller using a Patented and Registered Trade Marked Protocol referenced as 1Wire®.

Communication is achieved by Touching/Presenting the Device to a matching Probe mating with the case of the iButton® Metal Can being a Data and Ground connection.

Devices range, in the simplest form, from a Unique ID to Unique ID plus User Programmable Memory in a selection of technologies (SRAM, EEPROM and EPROM) with varying Densities.

Typically the iButton® is mounted in a Plastic FOB having the industry de facto name of DALLAS KEY intended to be positioned on a Key Ring, Retractable Reel or Lanyard.

Typical markets for the Product are related to Security for principally logging Individuals on to ELECTRONIC POINT OF SALE (EPOS) and Vehicles for Immobilisation, Door Entry and Driver recognition.

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