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DS1994 4Kb Plus Time Memory iButton

DS1994L-F5 iButton®

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DS1994 4Kb Plus Time Memory iButton®


The DS1994 Memory iButton® is a rugged read/write data carrier that acts as a localized database, easily accessible with minimal hardware. The nonvolatile memory and optional timekeeping capability offer a simple solution to storing and retrieving vital information pertaining to the object to which the iButton® is attached. Data is transferred serially through the 1-Wire™ protocol that requires only a single data lead and a ground return. The scratchpad is an additional page that acts as a buffer when writing to memory. Data is first written to the scratchpad where it can be read back. After the data has been verified, a copy scratchpad command transfers the data to memory. This process ensures data integrity when modifying the memory. A 48-bit serial number is factory lasered into each DS1994 to provide a guaranteed unique identity that allows for absolute traceability. The durable MicroCan package is highly resistant to environmental hazards such as dirt, moisture, and shock. Its compact, coin-shaped profile is self-aligning with mating receptacles, allowing the DS1994 to be easily used by human operators. The DS1994 also includes time-keeping functions, a real-time clock/calendar, interval timer, cycle counter, and programmable interrupts, in addition to the nonvolatile memory. The internal clock can be programmed to deny memory access based on absolute time/date, total elapsed time, or the number of accesses. These features allow the DS1994 to be used to create a stopwatch, alarm clock, time and date stamp, logbook, hour meter, calendar, system power cycle timer, interval timer, and event scheduler.


· 4096 bits of Read/Write Nonvolatile Memory

· 256-bit Scratchpad Ensures Integrity of Data Transfer

· Memory Partitioned into 256-bit Pages for Packetizing Data

· Data Integrity Assured with Strict Read/Write Protocols

· Contains Real-Time Clock/Calendar in Binary Format

· Interval Timer Can Automatically Accumulate Time When Power is Applied

· Programmable Cycle Counter can Accumulate the Number of System Power-On/Off Cycles

· Programmable Alarms Can Be Set to Generate Interrupts for Interval Timer, Real-Time Clock, and/or Cycle Counter

· Write-Protect Feature Provides Tamperproof Time Data

· Programmable Expiration Date That Limits Access to SRAM and Timekeeping

· Clock Accuracy is Better Than ±2 Minutes/ Month at 25°C

· Operating Temperature Range from -40°C to +70°C

· Over 10 Years of Data Retention