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The iButton® Reader/Probe provides the electrical contact for the Dallas DS19XX range of products to facilitates the transfer of the data from the iButton®. The outer rim provides a self aligning interface that matches the metal can package of the iButton®, while contact with the inner face of the iButton® (Data) is made through the contact in the centre of the Reader/Probe. The contacts have no moving parts, making the Reader/Probe a rugged interface for harsh environments. The product is NOT suitable for outdoor use or harsh environments.


Cable termination having standard length of 20cm. Longer lengths available on request

Similar in functionality to YSL11 but has Cable termination rather than solder connectors

Has as a bi-colour LED allowing the user to select either Red or Green by swapping the polarity of the LED wires

Unit held by 20mm Plastic nut

Nickel Plated contacts