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YSL9092 iButton™ Probe |

YSL9092 iButton® Reader/Probe

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YSL9092 iButton® Probe

The YSL9092 iButton® Probe provides the electrical contact necessary for the transfer of data to and from the DS19xx family of iButton®s. The round probe shape provides a self-aligning interface that readily matches the circular rim of the iButton®'s MicroCan package. Metal contacts resist wear and are easy to keep clean. The centre contact of the standard reader has no moving parts.  This type of probe is best suited for designs where the iButton® is brought into contact with the reader. The panel-mount probes are fastened behind the panel with a 12mm nut. The two 22 cm 22AWG wires are provided for easy connection to the system microcontroller.

The Reader is not suitable for harsh environments particularly if Water and Salt are involved.



  • -Probe guides the entry of the iButton®
    - iButton® slides over the surface to self-clean contacts
    - Accessible shallow probe cavity simplifies removal of debris such as mud
    - Flexible design supports panel mount
    - Bright tarnish-resistant metal surface provides millions of operations
    - Panel-mount probe, pre-wired for easy installation
  • - Suitable for use with Magnetic Key where Magnet is in the Key
  • - Cable length 40cm