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USB Combo Keyboard Emulator

USB Combo Keyboard Emulator

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The USB keyboard Emulator is intended to read the 16 unique digit ID of any Magnetic or non-Magnetic iButton and download it into the users application be it Word, Excel or Outlook etc. The functionality is similar to hand typing the digits into a normal keyboard with the obvious advantage of doing it automatically saving time and accuracy. A USB-b type socket is mounted on the side of the box and an appropriate printer cable communicates with the host computer via its standard USB port. Upon touching any of the two Readers (Magnetic or non-magnetic depending on the Key type) the 16 digit number in ASCII format plus a carriage return enters the application. The USB keyboard reader is ideal for registration of and recording of iButtons prior to configuration into say an EPOS terminal where the unique ID is required to be recorded prior to dispatch for trace-ability purposes etc.


In build 1 wire drivers, so no need for host software to be loaded in PC or MAC
Quality Magnetic and non-Magnetic iButton Reader
80 x 40 x 20 mm Black Plastic Box
USB b-type socket for communication with PC-- Cable supplied