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YSL428 iButton Reader/Controller with Timed Output

YSL428 iButton Reader/Controller with Timed Output

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The YSL428 is a Controller with a Timed Output of approximately 3 seconds. On presentation of a programmed/configured DS1990 Dallas Key

the output is switched intended to pull (as an example) an electrical latch within an access control system.

The product comes pre-programmed with 2 master administration keys and 3 user keys. Additional user keys available at time of order for an

additional cost. An ON/OFF option is available as a YSL429 where the output is switched on and then off by presenting a programmed Key.


  • - Minimum Component count iButton Reader with Integrated electronics
  • - TriColour LED- Green key acceptance, Red key decline and Orange programming mode
  • - 3 wire termination. White 9-15v DC, Brown Earth/Ground, Green DC voltage output in Open Drain transistor configuration
  • - 12mm threaded fixing
  • - Maximum Load 1A
  • - 256 maximum Key storage
  • - Internal use only and not suitable for external environments
  • - Maximum electrical consumption 30mA
  • - 9 to 15v dc supply
  • - Works with YSL90Rxxx non-Magnetic keys or YSL90SPRMAG Magnetic keys