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YSL9092 iButton™ Probe with Connector


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YSL9092 iButton® Probe with Connector

The YSL9092 iButton® Probe provides the electrical contact necessary for the transfer of data to and from the DS19xx family of iButton®s. The round probe shape provides a self-aligning interface that readily matches the circular rim of the iButton®’sMicroCan package. Metal contacts resist wear and are easy to keep clean. The centre contact of the standard reader has no moving parts, making this a more rugged interface for harsh environments. This type of probe is best suited for designs where the iButton® is brought into contact with the reader. The panel-mount probes are fastened behind the panel with a 12mm nut. Two wires terminate on a 2 pin Socket Housing for connection to a Pin Header typically mounted on Uniwell EPOS Terminal mother board.


Probe guides the entry of the iButton®
iButton® slides over the surface to self-clean contacts
Accessible shallow probe cavity simplifies removal of debris such as mud
Flexible design supports panel mount
Bright tarnish-resistant metal surface provides millions of operations
Panel-mount probe, pre-wired and terminate on a 2 pin Socket Housing