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YSL9092MAG Magnetic Reader

YSL9092MAG Magnetic iButton® Probe/Reader

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The magnetic Reader is intended for use with Dallas Keys in applications where permanent attachment is required. The strong permanent magnet builds a closed magnetic contact with the Ferrous ring surrounding the Dallas Key. The centre electrical contact is gold coated and sprung loaded ensuring a quality connection, the centre spring contact being DATA and the body being GROUND. Note that the magnetic probe is not isolated against the case or the front-plate and care should be taken to insulate the body of the Reader to avoid ground loops .

If there is a requirement to completely isolate the Reader from a Metal Panel we can supply the Reader with a Black Rubber Front Washer (same diameter as Reader) and a Nylon Top Hat 8mm Screw Isolator behind. There is a variation of the Nylon Screw Isolator depending on panel thickness. The options are 2.4mm, 4.7mm and 6.7mm.

  • Please give us a call on 01480 861244 or drop us an E-mail on sales@imacelectronics.com to discuss.

Please note the device is intended to work with Magnetic Keys YSL90RMAGxxx and not suitable for Non-Magnetic Keys.


· Electronically controlled beverage systems

· Electronic cashier systems

· Electronic Point of Sale Terminals

· Door Access Systems