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YSL90ALABxxx - Labeled DS1990 iButton® mounted in a Plastic FOB aliased to Unique ID in an Excel Spread Sheet

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Numbered label added to standard Dallas key YSL90Axxx (DS1990A + Plastic FOB) for the purpose of aliasing the 16 Digit iButton® number on the iButton® to a user name in an excel spread sheet. The label number on the Dallas Key and the 16 Digit ID number on iButton® are provide in an Excel Spread Sheet.


Simplifies the routine of managing the aliasing saving time and easing the process of reading the 16 digit number particularly where there are a number of Keys involved.

Standard process as shown in the photo is to add a numeric Label to the FOB and Alias this to the Unique ID and User Name.

We can also offer a bespoke/custom Label of a subset of the Hexadecimal Unique ID as a Special and or include a Decimal equivalent with or without a BarCode.

Please call +441480861244 or E-mail sales@imacelectronics.com to discuss availability and cost of the bespoke/custom requirement.